Column 01

Rapture Song

Seeing Jesus Song

Passport to Heaven?

Topic 01
Joining with
the Holy Spirit

Topic 02
Peter Explains

Topic 03
Growing and the pain

Topic 04
Healing and Preaching

Topic 05
Holding on to
Our Cross

Topic 06

Topic 07
The Consequences
of Lies

Topic 08
Stand up for Christ

Topic 09
Story Past

Topic 10

Topic 11
Who Could Not

Topic 12
Baptism or Not

Topic 13
Protected From

Topic 14

Topic 15

Topic 16
Babies are Growing Fast

Topic 17
Past Present
Future Snip

Topic 18

Topic 19
Past Present
Future Miracles

Topic 20
Divided and

Topic 21
Sea of Violence

The Book of ACTS



Chapter 01

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

Chapter 04

Chapter 05

Chapter 06

Chapter 07

Chapter 08

Chapter 09

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20
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Welcome to our site.
We are delighted to see you.
Our study is based on the knowledge and hardship
of the people in the Book of Acts.

Jesus waited over 2000 years, because of that everyone thinks we have time and there is no rush. Those people have not read the Bible, and they assume we are all different, because they have not committed to a relation with Jesus, they are not filled with the Holy Spirit, and because they are not filled, the thirst for understanding or comprehending the Bible is not there. Jesus said they are blind and do not want to see, preoccupied by the wealth of this world, and not the wealth of Jesus. Some of our videos have plenty of Bible references while others have little, and some have none. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit then these references will mean more to you than someone who take the Bible as a book and the references will mean nothing just words on a paper. We suggest taking the road to better yourself, and to be on God's team. Once you do this you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and all the words will come alive. Welcome Back Home The parable of the prodigal son Reference: Luke 15:11-31
Jésus a attendu plus de 2000 ans, à cause de cela tout le monde pense que nous avons le temps et il n'y a pas de précipitation. Ces gens n'ont pas lu la Bible, et ils supposent que nous sommes tous différents, parce qu'ils ne se sont pas engagés dans une relation avec Jésus, ils ne sont pas remplis du Saint-Esprit, et parce qu'ils ne sont pas remplis, la soif de comprendre ou de comprendre la Bible n'est pas là. Jésus a dit qu'ils sont aveugles et ne veulent pas voir, préoccupés par la richesse de ce monde, et non la richesse de Jésus. Certaines de nos vidéos ont beaucoup de références bibliques, tandis que d'autres ont peu, et certains n'en ont pas. Si vous êtes rempli du Saint-Esprit, alors ces références signifieront plus pour vous que quelqu'un qui prend la Bible comme un livre et les références ne signifieront rien que des mots sur un papier. Nous vous suggérons de prendre la route pour vous améliorer et d'être dans l'équipe de Dieu. Une fois que vous faites cela, vous serez rempli du Saint-Esprit et toutes les paroles prendront vie. Bienvenue à la maison La parabole du fils prodigue Référence: Luke 15:11-31

This can also be a course for all new Christians that would like
to have some background on different topics of the book of Acts.
The book of Acts is the primary reason why many people around the world
have been changing their values and beliefs on the whereabouts of
God's Son amongst us. We hope this study will help you and also
show you what salvation is all about.

It is up to you to decide where you wish to go from
this starting point in your life.

Our rules are simple, if you do not like what you see and feel,
you are in the wrong place, and we say thank you for coming and
hope your life will be satisfying.

Welcome to our site. Feel free to browse and view our
videos and sermons on various topics from the Book of Acts.

We do not accept donations of any kind.

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Acts Introduction
Read Acts differently. Watch this video to see Jesus and begin your journey.
Spoken Gospel has a full series of the Bible.

Complete Animated Overview of the Book of Acts Part 01.
More videos on their animated series of the whole bible.
They have animated bible series and very comprehensive.

Complete Animated Overview of the Book of Acts Part 02.
More videos on their animated series of the whole bible.
They have animated bible series and very comprehensive.

This page of our website has color codes.
These colors are in the order from the bottom foundation
to the twelve floor mentioned in the book of Revelation chapter 21.
Beside each color I inserted a number, these numbers go from 1 to 12.
One is urgent and should be watch first, and obviously 12 would mean when you have time.
Enjoy these videos as much as I enjoy creating them, God bless everyone who comes here.
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Column 03

Are You Ready?

Clouds Before
The Rapture

of refusing
the Gift of God

New Reality
Film Coming


Son's Dream

Eternity with
the Trinity

How Long God Knew
US and do We Have
a Choice

Hyper Grace
Theology is created
from the devil

Imminent Rapture

Last Warning

Left behind and
the consequences
And A Dream

Protection Until
the Rapture Come


I Know You Not


So Close To
The Rapture

Both side are the same videos
except for the language.

Les deux côtés sont les mêmes vidéos
sauf pour la langue.
Column 04

Êtes-vous prêt?

Nuages Avant

du Refus du Cadeau
De Dieu

Un Nouveau Film
de Réalité


Rêve de Mon Fils

Éternité avec
la Trinité

Combien de temps Dieu
sait et Sommes-nous
autorisés à choisir

Alerte La Théologie
L'Extrème Grâce est
Créée du Diable

Imminent l'Enlèvement
Est Proche

Dernier Avertisement

Laissés Pour Compte
Les Conséquences
et un Rêve

Protection Jusqu'à
l'Enlèvement Vienne


Je Ne Vous Connait Pas


Si Près De

Column 02

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

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